Hey y’all.

  • Haven’t been on Tumblr in AGES.  The motherfuckers at my [Catholic] college have decided to block access to Tumblr because it contains ‘adult/mature’ content - which it does, but what am I supposed to do with myself when I am denied the one escape I have from the rigours of academic life?  Sigh.
  • Four months without my Blackberry. Today, I dropped my Nokia 5130 while waiting for ice-cream. My screen is now fucked.
  • Economics and accounting quizzes later this coming week.
  • I need a job.
  • Speaking of which: this is my last semester of my undergrad career, and I am SO NERVOUS about the impending job-search.  I don’t have the best academic track record in the world, so I doubt that any potential employers will be losing any sleep over me. And I did NOT suffer through college just to be unemployed and broke afterwards. Y’all can miss me with that.
  • My gurl says that I’m on a slow path to self-destruction because I smoke weed regularly and drink alcohol often. Alarmist much?
  • My brother needs to get his delinquent ass outta my mom’s house. He’s a 30-year-old unemployed high-school drop-out. My mom says that he stole her money, and while she was slapping him for it, he grabbed her finger and bit it. What a motherfucker.
  • Always give someone a second chance but NEVER a third. That’s the only way they’ll learn. [I’ve been on both sides of this dictum.]


  • 08.12.12