People at work are always like, “Damn, Marcus, you put avo on EVERYTHING.” And I’m just like, “Fuck yeah. I’d put avo on dick if I could.”

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    I’m looking at that thigh, doe.

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    love r3volution

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    Lonny Breaux

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    I am literally on every single gay hookup site and app there is, yet I have zero intention of ever meeting any of these guys I chat to offline in person.


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    "Instead of focusing exclusively on “racism,” our attention would shift to illicit white benefit. The ideal for racial justice would, quite simply, be the end to current racial exploitation, and the equitable redistribution of the benefits of past racial exploitation. Obviously working out the details would be hugely complicated, and in fine points impossible, but at least on the level of an ideal to be simply stated, and by which present-day society can be measured, it would give us something to shoot for.

    In talking with the white majority, the imperative task has usually been to convince them that, independently of whether or not they are “racist” (however that term is to be understood), they are the beneficiaries of a system of racial domination and that this is the real issue, not whether they have goodwill toward people of color or whether they owned any slaves. The concept of racial exploitation is designed to bring out this central reality."

    — Charles W. Mills, “Racial Exploitation and the Wages of Whiteness” (via wretchedoftheearth)

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    Willam vs Milan

    One of the most epic smackdowns in RPDR history. I screamed when Milan finished with, “Have a sip of your drink, because you absolutely need to shut up right now. ” Read, honey. Read.
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    From my Gaydar inbox

    "Hi, I am older but/and not colder have done with women from normal to very kinky but my wife doesn’t want sex anymore since she starts her menopause and other women do not turn me on anymore. I am very sensitive and sensual and want to try with you active or passive whatever you like at least once for me is nothing perverse if it can satisfy you me better both only limit I have I never do things that leave marks forever.

    If you like my offer send me your number or mail it to ******* with your profilename I contact you we meet for a coffee or drink see each other real and we take it from there.

    Sorry for my grammar it is not my home language I am a German stay now for good here and be sure I like to suck you ready for action (have liked to suck clits for hours) to receive you.

    Think it pains if you push in but be sure I stand it because I believe it does’nt take long I enjoy it and may you get me cum without touching my dick several times. Have read who a doctor say that’s works and if it is nice like it is now in my fantasie I like we get a long relationship if you want who everything is possible to try but it must be safe in the beginning?


    I am unable.

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